Brutes - B.F.F - Fluid Fruit
Brutes - B.F.F - Fluid Fruit

Brutes - B.F.F

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B.F.F. — Sparkling fruit wine made of Swedish apples, pears and plums. Juice leftover from racking 8 different batches of cider & fruit wine blended together.

Clear notes of plum. High acidity which is balanced well with a bitter finish from long maceration of the apple leftovers in Northern Tropics. Complex palate from a diverse mix of apples and pears.

Works well with medium seasoned dishes (fattier fish, chicken) but drinks very well on its own as an apertif.

Acidity: 9/10 Body: 9/10 Length: 8/10 Sweetness: 3/10 Tannins: 5/10 Rock 'n' roll: 8/10