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Weingut Schmelzer - Bicolor freeshipping - Vin Vin

Schmelzer winery - Bicolor

Weingut Schmelzer
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Schmelzer winery - Bicolor

Philosophy: Combines the fruitiness and lightness of the white wine and the

Down -to -earthness and depth of the red wine.

Variety: Typical Austrian red and white grapes

Wine area: Neusiedlersee, Burgenland

 Vineyards: Riedencuvèe

Floor: Gravel, clay, gravel and also sandy



Young year, sugar: 1.3, acid: 5.9, alk: 13

Handles, without sulfur, not filtered, not pumped, but only moved with gravity

Weißwein: Corruged, short mash score, fermented in the steel tank

Red wine: Reinated variety, slowly fermented, storage in the wooden barrel

A few days before filling, the wines are combined so that they can connect in peace.

The fruitiness and freshness of the white wine, the character of the red.

Fragrance after mature citrus fruits, a variety of fruit aromas such as cherry and raspberries on the palate, slightly backed with tannins.

Long departure, harmonious and still with whistle!