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Antonio Vílchez

Antonio is authentic. A man like the stones of Las Alpujarra. In his house in Marchal, at Guadix (Granada), you can talk to him about the mountains of the Sierra Nevada for hours, about the different steps in wine production, and of course the revolution. Finally, you also sit under a poster by Che Guevara.

Yes, if you sit with Antonio in La Huerta, together with Luis, the Ferran Adrìa of Las Alpujarra, you quickly get the feeling that you share the table with one of the most authentic people in the world, what can you say, what can you say, Just get very great.
This honesty can be found in his wines.
For example in Mas P’A CA, a very balanced combination of several varieties, to very elegant cuvées such as Mas P’alla or Pinot Negra. A memory that Antonio was one of the first to enter the adventure Pinot Noir in Spain and planted this variety.
On the white side we find Baco Perez, which you can certainly define as one of the best natural wines you will ever have drunk. And finally brutally by Antonio, a good example of his wild side. A rosé closes the repertoire and flows into the glass with the spirit and flavors, which the grandfather of Antonio is already pressing in the region from the grapes.

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