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Microbio - Circustancial 2014

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Vineyard Micro organic
Wine Circus Tancial
vintage 2014
Winemakers Ismael Gozalo
origin Spain - Castile and León - Nieva
Grapes Verdjo
Alcohol content 13% vol.
Wine production and tires Inspired by Jean-François Ganevat, one of the greatest Jurassic champions, and his cuvée "Les Vignes de Mon Pere". He keeps this wonderful Vedejo-Cuvée in barrels until it goes beyond the art of oxidation. And of course everything without input!
bouquet As an oxidative wine, its oxidative bouquet is similar to young Jura wines on nuts, caramel and mushrooms.
taste Fantastic! A high acidity that brings a beautiful freshness and fits perfectly with a round body, and an excellent aromatic intensity for the candied fruits as well as for the complex aromas of quinces, raisins, nuts and comté shell. One of our most beautiful discoveries!
Perfect agreement An old comté from the Jura
The little story Ismael Gozalo's secret? Medified mothers, incredible 150 years old vines from Verdejo, to whom he gives respect, commitment and greatest care every year.