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MicroBio - La Banda del Argilico 2019 freeshipping - Vin Vin
Microbio - La Banda del Argilico 2019

Microbio - La Banda del Argilico 2019

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Wine Banda del Argilico
vintage 2018
Winemakers Ismael Gozalo
origin Spain - Castile and León - Nieva
Grapes Verdjo
Alcohol content 13% vol.
taste Those who think of Spain usually think of red wine. The country is known for this and also: it is so warm there! Where should fresh white wines come here? From Nieva, for example! With this wine, Ismael Gozalo brings a drink to the bottle that is as refreshing as lemonade and hot summer days. You clearly taste lemon and orange, you don't have to be a professional. To do this, there is a slight saltness on the tongue, like if you spend a fresh, grilled salt water fish with lemon. Splendid! After that, you immediately start looking for flights to southern Spain on the Internet ...
Perfect agreement An old comté from the Jura
The little story Ismael Gozalo's secret? Medified mothers, incredible 150 years old vines from Verdejo, to whom he gives respect, commitment and greatest care every year.