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Klaar - QBA 2020

Klaar - QBA 2020

Klaar Fruchtfermente
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Quince-pear apple wine

2 % apple quince

60 % pear (Alexander Lukas & the delicious v. Charneux)

38 % apples (Finkenwerder autumn prince, Holstein Cox, Ingrid Marie)

The aromatic base forms a 40 -hour mature mash. Then cut and filled with pear wine and apple. 

Filled with a dosage retained for it.


Péillant Naturel, which loses almost the entire carbon dioxide by being resistant.


6.5 % vol. / Almost no carbon dioxide / dry / unflitated / minimal sulfur gift (<10 mg / l)

Gold yellow quince fruit, honey and pear aroma with an almost mineral appearance. No carbon dioxide, but lactically velvety pear texture, crisp acid and fine mouthwash tannins.