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Kamara Pure - Nimbus Albus

Kamara Pure - Nimbus Albus

Kamara Pure
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Label: Nimbus Albus

Origin: northern Greece

Region: hanging from Kamara Oraiokastro Thessaloniki

Variety: Malagousia-Assyriko (50-50% mixture)

History of this label: The label is a painting of our lakes on a cloudy day, because Nimbus means cloud and Albus white. The wines of the Nimbus series are natural, non-filtered wines that convey a cloudy shade and a uplifting but soft and round feeling, as if you would drink a cloud.


 Bright golden color with greenish reflexes that reminds of the color of a fino sherry. Rich, intense nose, with all natural flavors that develop in the mouth. A robust botanical note combined with stone fruit