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Glow Glow - late Brugunder 2021

Glow Glow - late Brugunder 2021

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Pinot Noir brings us so much joy. With the 2020s we filled our first. The grapes grow mandate to Mandeler Dellchen on Buntsandstein, which is the perfect location for constant maturation. In order to transfer the character and the idea and the idea behind Glow Glow to a red wine, we have for the Maischegarung Carbonique (3/4) and a small proportion of short skin contact (1/4) for which the filigree and multi -layered multi -layered character of a Pinot Noir from which can have. This recipe led to a strong Pinot Noir, we were in love. The transfer of the recipe to the 2021 grapes led to a different kind of wine. It was colder during the harvest, the short shell fermentation was more of a cold maceration. The fermentation has not really started yet. Nevertheless, we wanted to press all parts at once and wow: in love again. Bright color, full of taste!