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What is Vin Naturel? nope

What are "Vins Naturels"?

In short: Vin Naturel are wines without additives

minimal sulfur!


The term "Vin Naturel" is given that in addition to a biological or biodynamic cultivation in the vineyard, also in the wine cellar for do without any additives. That means no yeasts from the sack, no sugar, no enzymes, tannins, flavorings, no lysozyme, no coal, no gelatin or house bubble etc. - the list is long. Most of the people heat up to use (or not use) of sulfur. Vin Naturel are brought to the bottle with a minimum or completely without added sulfur. (Vrgl.

Our wines come without exception from small, crafted wineries. I prefer wines that are authentic and individual and stand opposite the assembled mass market.


A biological or biodynamic management is not a marketing guarantee, but simply a logical conclusion in the striving for the highest quality.


The same applies to avoiding oenological aids and working with minimal sulfur quantities.


These wines are called natural wine, Vin Naturel or Natural Wines. I prefer the term vin vivants - living wines.


The linchpin of exceptional wines remains the person who creates a lively wine through his sensitivity and respect for the environment.