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Collection: Tschida Illmitz

The strong guy, which you rarely see without a leather jacket, is often referred to as the "enfant terrible". Sure, the Burgenland was conservative for a long time and such a character quickly notices. One thing is certain that Christian Tschida from Illmitz is an independent spirit, one who is not easy to squeeze into groups and associations and who consistently goes his way. So it fits very well with wine at the limit. With all the independence, however, he knows exactly how to make wine, yes how to get big and completely independent wines in the bottle. That has a lot to do with the right gut feeling. And that seems to have been put in the cradle. Legendary sentences such as: “Whether I believe in the moon phases or not, wine definitely does it from him! Or "The positive energy of the wine comes from a healthy soil, above is cosmetics!"

Over the years, he has found the right balance between "intervention" and "let it run". In the Wingert, just as much happens that the grapes are given the MAXMIM in character and finesse and the wines in the basement are left alone so that they get their inner balance. Laissezfaire then also means one of his wines. It gets the whole idiosyncratic mix into the point: strength and elegance can mate, but please with very reduced alcohol degrees in order to keep the wines slim and rich in finesse despite complexity. A white wine can also be fermented with the mash and the increase in sulfur to an extremely minimum, it has even completely dispensed with SO2 for several years. Christian Tschida's handwriting always remains present and the attempt to get the sky on earth - that is the name of one of his wines - is his program.

The region: Burgendland

Around iron town in the east of Austria, the most important cultivation area for the red Austrian varieties is Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent. Viticulture is around 2,500 years old here and has always benefited from the Pannonian-continental climate with its long vegetation period. In addition to the excellent climate, it is above all the often iron -containing soils that give the red wines a special depth, freshness and durability.

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