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Klaar Fruchtfermente - Bâtonnage Boskop freeshipping - Vin Vin

Klaar Fruchtfermente - Bâtonnage Boskop

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Klaar Fruchtfermente - Bâtonnage Boskop

Non sparkling cider    

100% Boskop    

Pure Boskop cider was stored on the yeast for 2 months after fermentation. This was stirred up every week, which is called bâtonnage in viticulture.    

Style:  Pure Boskop non-carbonated cider aging on the yeast and bâtonnage makes the tart, sour Appelwoi more round and pleasing.    

Properties:  7.5% vol. / dry / unfiltered / slight addition of sulfur when filling as there is no protection from carbonic acid (32 mg / l)    

Slightly cloudy style wine with aromas of green apples and full bodied yeast notes. Light and open complement the dry, juicy bitter structure of Boskop.