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Scherer & Zimmer - Pet Nat Weiss

Scherer & Zimmer - Pet Nat Weiss

Scherer & Zimmer
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Scherer & Zimmer - Pet Nat Weiss
2020 Petillant Naturell Weiss
11%vol. 0.4g margin no 4.5g s

Müller-Thurgau and Gutedel at 50% each
Sure in the stainless steel and blended together in front of the filling, filled during fermentation
Of course, spontaneously fermented and without any additives
  • Apple, cider, yeast, dried fruit, green banana, tropical, honeydew melon
  • Fine perpetrators, yeast, spicy, light tanin structure, tropical, mango, green banana
  • refreshing character (Berliner White, Sauerbier)