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Frukstereo - Cider Stardust 2020

Frukstereo - Cider Stardust 2020

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Vineyard Frukstereo
Wine Cider Stardust
vintage 2020
Winemakers Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius
origin Malmö / Sweden
Grapes Apple, pear, honey
Alcohol content 7.0% vol.
The story Fruit foam wine (Pét-Nat) / cider from 80% apple (gloster, Cox and aroma), 15% pear (concorde), 5% honey fruit: 30% Havang-directly on the Baltic Sea on the east coast of Skåne. Freestanding apple and plum trees that were first planted in the 1940s. 70% excess fruit from local farmers in Austria. Honey - Lillgården in Höör. Fermented with local yeast, partly in amphorae. Unfiltered and without additives. Cox and gloster apples were macerated for 3 weeks.