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Empirical Spirits Can 01 + 02 freeshipping - Vin Vin

Empirical Spirits Can 01 + 02

Empirical Spirits
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Empirical Spirits Can 01 10% - 0.33l

This slightly carbonated drink inspires with the juicy green acidity of gooseberries, paired with the soft, floral notes of MILK-OLong tea. The taste profile is rounded off by the mild sweetness of the roasted birch and the piquant undertones of the pampel museum.
Aromas: Oolong tea, roasted birch, green gooseberry


Empirical Spirits Can 02 8% - 0.33l

A refreshing, purple drink that feels like a walk through a Nordic pine forest during the berry season.
Walnusswood gives the notes of spicy sour cherry, aromatic black currant buds and lemon Maqaw pepper a strong depth.
Aromas: sour cherry, buds of black currants, young pine cones, walnut wood