Noble Rot Magazin Ausgabe 18 - "Return of the Winos With Attitude" - [Vin Vin Naturel Naturwein]

Noble Rot Magazin Ausgabe 18 - "Return of the Winos With Attitude"

Noble Rot
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Issue 18 - Return of the Winos With Attitude

...we meet ‘domestic goddess' Nigella Lawson, who talks fame, food and sounding like a Florentine greengrocer with Marina O’Loughlin.

...we spotlight Mosel Riesling. From the most fashionable dry wines of the late 1800s to the rise and fall of off-dry styles following the Second World War, we visit Egon Müller-Scharzhof, Heymann-Löwenstein and Joh Jos Prüm to ask if the real face of Mosel Riesling will please stand up.

...we profile Noble Rot's Greatest Television Cooks of all Time, featuring Keith Floyd, Delia Smith, Fanny Craddock, Anthony Bourdain and David Chang, among others.

...take an epic tour of Madrid’s restaurant and wine scene.

...feature stories about exciting Spanish winemakers Comando G, Wine Jargon Codebreakers, Stephen Harris’ revolutionary new wine course, the Ol’ Tasting Menu Blues, Rum Baba and reviews and musings from Simon Hopkinson, Marina O’Loughlin, Russell Norman, Claire Smyth, Rowley Leigh, Kate Spicer, Georges Reynolds, William Kelley and John Niven, among much more...